January 10, 2016 Baptism of the Lord Sunday

Our congregation celebrated Baptism of the Lord Sunday by baptizing one of our youngest members.  Included in the video of this week's homily is the baptism of Phoebe Kane.  The homily that follows takes the form of a letter.  It is written by Rev. Kane and is addressed to his daughter, Phoebe, and highlights the fact that baptism does not begin and end with the water poured over our heads or the words the pastor speaks; but, in fact, baptism encompasses our entire lives of faith. He invites the congregation to join him in telling Phoebe (and everyone else) about their baptism alongside the story of our Lord's baptism.  Click here to watch the homily.  (The baptism takes place at the beginning of the video and the homily begins around the 10 minute mark.)

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