Lenten Lecture Series

In some ways, the Beatitudes are to the New Testament what the Ten Commandments are to the Old Testament. Both outline a lifestyle desirable to God. The Beatitudes, however, are not laws – rather they are statements of grace. They overflow with affirmation, accepting love and reassurance. Blessing, gift, hope, encouragement, grace; these are the foundations on which the kingdom announced by Jesus is built. This speaks to the depth of who we are, for so often we are actually more at home ‘trying hard to be good’, than we are in receiving the goodness and gift of God’s love. The Beatitudes take us into a whole new realm of living by and in the grace of God.

"Living Openly" was the theme for tonight's Lenten Lectures on the Beatitudes. Rev. Bob took us through the challenges and invitations of the first beatitude, forcing us to reconcile that what it means Jesus means when he says, "Blessed are the poor in spirit."
Rev. Libby Boehne, Campus Minister at Duke University opened a discussion about Matthew 5:5-6, paying particular attention to the words, "meekness" and "righteousness." What do those words mean in our context and how might they apply to Jesus? This and other questions are revealed in Libby's lecture.
Rev. Ted Churn, Executive Presbyter of New Hope Presbytery led our final Lenten Lecture on Matthew 5: 7-8. Watch as Ted explores what he believes Jesus calls us to embody as peacemakers.